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Olivier Ficco –

Last month the French photographer and novelist-to-be Olivier Ficco did an interview with me about street photography on his blog. I had to answer twenty questions and it was “hard work” for me. Never before I had thought about street photography so intensively but I found my point of view. It was a pleasure for me and if you are interested in the results, follow the link to the interview.

Olivier Ficco is Berlin-based and we did already two photo-walks together. The funny thing is, I can’t do two things simultaneously – shooting and talking. That’s why my pictures of the photo-walks are mostly not acceptable. I have to concentrate, look around, see a scene, compose and push the release button at the right time while listening and talking in English to a French guy – it’s nearly impossible. But he can deal with that, clicking around and capturing the scene while talking. We have a different approach to street photography and different experiences (he is doing that much longer and more intensive than I), but the gain for me is the exchange of thoughts about photography and the life itself. You can find his work at:

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