Hunting and Fishing in London

Street Photography

Two years ago and a few weeks before the pandemic I went to London to take part in a workshop with the British artist and photographer Mark Fearnley. We were a small group of photo enthusiasts, improving our skills, especially in seeing a location or scene.

We started under the Blackfriars Bridge.

Next location was the famous Tate Modern.

Even shooting on the rooftop was interesting.

What I’ve learned this day was the difference of “fishing” and “hunting”. Usually I’m a hunter, trying to get multiple shots on multiple locations. Mark told us to be more like a fisherman, staying on a location, waiting for a subject and take multiple shots.

We went further to Borough market, to practice fishing.

After that we practiced some architectural and abstract compositions.

Final location was the London Bridge station, again for “fishing”.

After the 5 hour workshop I meet a friend at Tate modern, strolled around the city and took a few more pictures.

I was overwhelmed and very impressed by the city of London.

My conclusion: Spend more money on memories, not on gear.

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