My 2016 in street photography

Street Photography

2016 was year number three in shooting in the streets for me. Again I discovered and learned a lot. In January I met the famous street photographer Thomas Leuthard at a photo walk in Berlin at -3°C. I took only a few pictures because I had to ask and talk too much, but it was a great experience to meet and talk to other street photographers.

Unfortunately only once I had the chance to do a photo walk with my buddy Olivier Ficco from strassenfotos, but we’re planning a project for next year.

In February I started my website to show my pictures in a more personal way and to share my thoughts about street photography.

In May I escaped my surroundings and went on a trip to Prague for (street) photography and had much fun and sore feet.

At the end of summer I couldn’t resist and bought a new camera. Now I have the choice between my smartphone, a camera with a fixed lens and a camera with changeable lenses. It’s pure luxury and I like it.

I took part in competitions, won nothing but experiences and professional feedback, which pushed me forward in seeing and editing.

And finally I reached my first “explored” photos at Flickr with more than 10k views and nearly 300 likes.

It was a good year.

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