Pursuit of Happiness

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Berlin Alexanderplatz | 2017

Sometimes I turn my head away from happy people, full of envy. How can they be so happy and why I’m not. Where is my happiness, how can I get it back? In those moments I feel like I’m the unhappiest guy on earth.

I’ve learned, that we are responsible for our own pursuit of happiness. It is often a question of expectations on ourselves and others, a question of awareness. And happiness and beauty is even in small things. It can be triggered by others but we have to embrace it.

Yesterday I stumbled into that curious scene above: People in masks took their hands, sang a song in an East European language and did a circle dance, literally in the middle of Berlin at Alexanderplatz. They had much fun with it. All of a sudden I caught myself wishing to be a part of that, not singing and dancing but happy for a moment. I smiled and captured that to save this certain feeling.

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