The Name of the game

Street Photography

“HAUSSE” | Berlin, 2016

When I go thru online street photography galleries, I mostly find titles or image captions only with place and date like “New York, 2016”. Eric Kim told me in a workshop, that this approach is more documentary, chronicle and professional. The idea behind this: A picture in (street) photography has to „speak“ for itself. Instead of finding his own story a certain title could direct a viewer to a story, that only the photographer has seen.

But this is sometimes exactly my purpose. Showing pictures isn’t only showing what I’ve seen but also how I’ve seen, when I hit the release button (or later while editing and processing).

Here are a few examples

“WRONG TURN” | Oderberg, 2015 – “SHERLOCK” | Berlin, 2016


“GONE” | Berlin, 2016

Time and place for reference is boring and different pictures (with different content) could be named equal. Describing the obvious is often redundant. Fancy titles are sometimes embarrassing. But a clever chosen title can help to tell the story.

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